Skinny Runner Giveaway

One of my fave bloggers Skinnyrunner is having a SUPERHUGEAMAZING giveaway so head on over there at and enter! Vote for her adorbs little bro and his fiance in the Ultimate Wedding contest. Yaaaaay love!

❤ Sarah

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Just Chillin’

Just chillin’ with some frozen veggies on my knee and my heating pad on my side/ribs. I’m in good spirits though. Can’t wait for Thursday to see my homies at UPMC! I’m gonna be back later tonight with a post about nutrition. Fun! Everyone loves food. But first I promised myself I’d read an hour of Heart of Darkness. Its actually pretty good.

❤ Sarah

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Murphy Cup Recap!

If there is one word to describe Murphy Cup this year it is : COLD! Here is the full recap though.

11:30pm- Go to bed. Too late.

1:00am- Wake up, get ready and walk to the bus. Hate life.

1:30am- Get to the bus.

1:30am-6:45am- Try to sleep on the bus. I’m definitely getting better at sleeping on buses. Plus, unlike my darling bus buddy, I actually brought a pillow.

6:45am- Unload boats from trailer and rig them.

9:25am- Novice men’s 8+ is all up in da rivvvver. One of the novice guys falls off the dock and then up at the start they pull the stake boat person into the water. I was rowing up at the time so this was all explained to me later.

9:40am- Lightweight men’s 4+ makes finals yaaaaaaay!

9:48am- Race in the heavy women’s 4+. Middle of the pack finish, didn’t make it to finals. Boat didn’t feel quite a good as usual. Could’ve been because we had to use 2 sets of oars of slightly different lengths because the novices took the ones we usually use. Who knows though. I’m pretty ambivalent about the race. We haven’t been on the water since spring break and the result was pretty much what I expected. However the race made my knee hurt A LOT.

10:15am-Back to the tent. Knee really hurts. Talk to coach about not racing the 8+. I felt semi-guilty about this but not too too guilty because the 4s are our more important boats and taking myself out of the 8 gave a girl who wouldn’t otherwise have raced at all that day a chance to race.

10:45am- Heavy men’s 4+ heats. Our B boat gets to race but our A boat (stacked 4+) is not allowed to hot seat the shell by some bitch official on the dock. This chick is the #1 reason we are considering not returning to Murphy next year. She has repeatedly been belligerent to various teams in past years. The whole heavy men’s 4+ race was a mess. They started on schedule even though they had been 10 minutes behind previously and SEVEN!! boats missed the start. Our heavy men were SO upset and understandably so. There were 2 seniors in the boat who felt like their last season was being taken away from them. Rough. There were two lightweights in the boat and since the lightweight men’s four made finals those two guys were put in the lightweight four for finals. Legally. The race directors said it was cool.

11:00am- Novice women’s 4+ makes finals yaaaaaay!

1:00pm- Open women’s 8+ races. Some troubles up at the start with other boats, having to wait for teams, false starts. I wasn’t in the boat so I’m not sure.

1:12pm- Open men’s 8+ races. Had to wait up at the start for a while because of the above weirdness with women’s race.

2:00pm- O.m.g. So much drama with the women’s team. Not even gonna talk about it.

2:48pm-Lightweight men’s 4+ races with their new lineup. Comes in third. Yaaaaaaay!

3:00pm- Lightweight women’s 4+ race in a straight final. Win. As usual. Yaaaaaaaay! Double yay for winning. Yaaaaaaaay!

3:14pm- Novice women’s 4+ final. Come in fourth just barely missing third. Tough break ladies. But you did great!!!

De-rigging has been going on as boats came in so from 3:30-4:30 we finish that up.

4:30- On the bus to go home. Sleep, watch some movies.

10:15- Back home in Pittsburgh. Collapse and sleep forever.

So Murphy Cup was…pretty much what I expected. Disappointing I guess. Emotions were running high for a lot of people. I felt SO SO sorry for the guys who missed their race and for one of my friends involved in some of the drama. Also mad worried about my knee. But there were fun parts too and I love spending time with the team.

❤ Sarah





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Murphy Cup

Off to Murphy Cup in Philly. Leaving at 1:30am…sweet. First race of the spring season though so it’ll be fun, even if I am really worried about my knee/ribs. Recap to come tomorrow night.

❤ Sarah

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This sucks

Seriously. I hate being injured. Going to UPMC Sports Medicine next Thursday but I have a race this weekend. I am angry and sad and frustrated and I feel guilty. My knee is killing and so are my ribs. I’ve been swimming to stay active but I’m really bad at it. Grrrrr.

❤ Sarah

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Dealing with Injury + Some Talk about Style

Hey guys!

I didn’t want to make this post just about dealing with injury because I always like to have something *positive* to say too! So I’m also gonna talk a little bit about style, especially style on the go annnnnd stylish workout gear :).

So firstly, I already told you guys about the suckyness of Camp Bob. It was quite windy so we did a few land workouts. On the second day we were there the coach sent us on an hour and a half long run. Most of the team had not run more than 30 minutes all winter so this was quite the feat. I ran for the full time but ended up injuring my knee. I now have a hard swollen mass of irritated muscle tissue on the outside of my left knee. One of the novice coaches who is a physical therapy grad student thinks that its a IT band and quad tightness issue. It’s pretty painful when rowing, erging, running, lifting, and even biking. It also hurts when I walk up and down stairs or on uneven surfaces. I toughed it out for the rest of the week for the most part only taking one practice off and going in early once or twice. We got a few days off after Camp Bob but as soon as we got back to lifting and piecing on the ergs (the flow is too high on the Allegheny to go out right now-grrr) it has started being quite painful again. It doesn’t negatively affect my splits, I can still go as fast, but it puts me in excruciating pain. Additionally, while doing heavy lifting yesterday I pushed through all the sets of squats but that was also extremely painful. My ribs on my left side have also been slightly painful since mid-winter, but nothing compared to my knee. I know that between these two problems I should take some time off. But it is SO DIFFICULT. There is a huge amount of guilt associated with taking any time off and racing season is upon us so I really don’t want to lose any fitness. More importantly rowing and working out is what keeps me sane. I am quite the anxious chica and working out is an important part of reducing my nervousness.

And there appear to be very few cross training options that won’t hurt my knee. Swimming seems to be a good one but am a terrible swimmer. Guess I’ll have to learn. I’m also planning on doing a warm up, heating pad, massage irritated muscle tissue, ice routine that my PT-grad student-coach recommended.  Have any of you ever been injured? Any good tips? At this point I’m inclined to try and just “train through it” but I don’t want this to come back to bite me in the ass. I’m just really frustrated. I stepped up my game a lot this winter in terms of fitness and I don’t want to have to slow down/for it to go to waste.

Onto style. So much more fun!!! So I know that being an athlete, student, and having a job means that I don’t have a ton of time or $money$ for style. So here are some of my thoughts on style for those in similar situations. In list format cause I love me some lists.

– Don’t just wear sweats all day. I know this is tempting especially if you do two workouts a day. But putting on real clothes makes such a difference in how I feel! I feel more put together and productive if I have on real clothes.

-Shower at the boathouse or erg room to save time (and money on your water bill). I just started doing this during our winter season and I get so much more done without the trip back to my apartment.

-Have an easy hairstyle and makeup routine. I just cut my hair really short (the Justin Bieber jokes have not stopped since) and I LOVE it. I think its super edgy and chic and so so so easy. It takes approximately 30 seconds to dry. I also have an easy makeup routine which involves mascara, a tiny bit of eyeshadow, maybe blush, and chapstick.

-Wear clothes that show off/compliment your athletic build. I am all about tank tops to show off my ripped back/arms. I generally think that athletic figures look better in more fitted clothes as oversized items make you look…oversized. But I’m no fashionista so you don’t have to trust me on that. Right now I’m loving my straight leg jeans from Gap with a simple top and big earrings (love the whole short hair, big earrings thing).

– Wear something cute to workout. I love fun colored sports bras, cute tank tops, and cutting up my old t-shirts into loose tanks. You’re putting your body in a lot of pain, if wearing something cute helps motivate you then do it!

That wasn’t a great style post haha. Hopefully I’ll get better at this I might do a review of some different brands of spandex and other rowing apparel soon that’d be fun! I also might do an outfit of the day once or twice. Especially with it being spring. Also some other posts coming soon: nutrition-yumz and also a post about being a student and a rower-yeah…its rough.

❤ Sarah

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First Post: Camp Bob!

Hey! Quick introduction for my readers (so far-0). I’m Sarah and I go to the University of Pittsburgh. I row for our club rowing team and love it…some of the time. This blog will mainly be about rowing but also some of the other fun (and not so fun stuff that I do). In terms of rowing I prefer starboard to port and usually row 3 seat in the heavy 4+ and 5 or 7 seat in the 8+. I also really love sculling! The 2x and 1x are probably my favorite boats. Outside of rowing I am a junior studying Anthropology and History. Post grad I hope to pursue a career in public and community health. In my spare time I like to read, watch TV on Hulu, hang out with friends, sleep a lot, and eat a lot. Seriously, if I have free time I’ll probably take a nap…

So, my first post is going to be a quick recap of Camp Bob. Camp Bob is where we go for our spring training camp. Its a week long camp in South Carolina we do during our spring break which was this past week. Camp Bob is what the team looks forward to all winter…until 2 days in when we all start hating it. Camp Bob consists of 3 practices a day with the morning and evening rows being long practices usually consisting of rowing to end-to-end or doing pieces. The middle practice is usually “easy” and “short”. This year Camp Bob sucked hardcore, not gonna lie. It was windy and chilly the whole week. It was really frustrating as my boat struggled with injury in addition to the bad water. I mainly made me feel depressed about the spring season as opposed to getting me excited for it.

❤ Sarah



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