First Post: Camp Bob!

Hey! Quick introduction for my readers (so far-0). I’m Sarah and I go to the University of Pittsburgh. I row for our club rowing team and love it…some of the time. This blog will mainly be about rowing but also some of the other fun (and not so fun stuff that I do). In terms of rowing I prefer starboard to port and usually row 3 seat in the heavy 4+ and 5 or 7 seat in the 8+. I also really love sculling! The 2x and 1x are probably my favorite boats. Outside of rowing I am a junior studying Anthropology and History. Post grad I hope to pursue a career in public and community health. In my spare time I like to read, watch TV on Hulu, hang out with friends, sleep a lot, and eat a lot. Seriously, if I have free time I’ll probably take a nap…

So, my first post is going to be a quick recap of Camp Bob. Camp Bob is where we go for our spring training camp. Its a week long camp in South Carolina we do during our spring break which was this past week. Camp Bob is what the team looks forward to all winter…until 2 days in when we all start hating it. Camp Bob consists of 3 practices a day with the morning and evening rows being long practices usually consisting of rowing to end-to-end or doing pieces. The middle practice is usually “easy” and “short”. This year Camp Bob sucked hardcore, not gonna lie. It was windy and chilly the whole week. It was really frustrating as my boat struggled with injury in addition to the bad water. I mainly made me feel depressed about the spring season as opposed to getting me excited for it.

❤ Sarah




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I row (not very well) and do other stuff and this is a blog about that.
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