Murphy Cup Recap!

If there is one word to describe Murphy Cup this year it is : COLD! Here is the full recap though.

11:30pm- Go to bed. Too late.

1:00am- Wake up, get ready and walk to the bus. Hate life.

1:30am- Get to the bus.

1:30am-6:45am- Try to sleep on the bus. I’m definitely getting better at sleeping on buses. Plus, unlike my darling bus buddy, I actually brought a pillow.

6:45am- Unload boats from trailer and rig them.

9:25am- Novice men’s 8+ is all up in da rivvvver. One of the novice guys falls off the dock and then up at the start they pull the stake boat person into the water. I was rowing up at the time so this was all explained to me later.

9:40am- Lightweight men’s 4+ makes finals yaaaaaaay!

9:48am- Race in the heavy women’s 4+. Middle of the pack finish, didn’t make it to finals. Boat didn’t feel quite a good as usual. Could’ve been because we had to use 2 sets of oars of slightly different lengths because the novices took the ones we usually use. Who knows though. I’m pretty ambivalent about the race. We haven’t been on the water since spring break and the result was pretty much what I expected. However the race made my knee hurt A LOT.

10:15am-Back to the tent. Knee really hurts. Talk to coach about not racing the 8+. I felt semi-guilty about this but not too too guilty because the 4s are our more important boats and taking myself out of the 8 gave a girl who wouldn’t otherwise have raced at all that day a chance to race.

10:45am- Heavy men’s 4+ heats. Our B boat gets to race but our A boat (stacked 4+) is not allowed to hot seat the shell by some bitch official on the dock. This chick is the #1 reason we are considering not returning to Murphy next year. She has repeatedly been belligerent to various teams in past years. The whole heavy men’s 4+ race was a mess. They started on schedule even though they had been 10 minutes behind previously and SEVEN!! boats missed the start. Our heavy men were SO upset and understandably so. There were 2 seniors in the boat who felt like their last season was being taken away from them. Rough. There were two lightweights in the boat and since the lightweight men’s four made finals those two guys were put in the lightweight four for finals. Legally. The race directors said it was cool.

11:00am- Novice women’s 4+ makes finals yaaaaaay!

1:00pm- Open women’s 8+ races. Some troubles up at the start with other boats, having to wait for teams, false starts. I wasn’t in the boat so I’m not sure.

1:12pm- Open men’s 8+ races. Had to wait up at the start for a while because of the above weirdness with women’s race.

2:00pm- O.m.g. So much drama with the women’s team. Not even gonna talk about it.

2:48pm-Lightweight men’s 4+ races with their new lineup. Comes in third. Yaaaaaaay!

3:00pm- Lightweight women’s 4+ race in a straight final. Win. As usual. Yaaaaaaaay! Double yay for winning. Yaaaaaaaay!

3:14pm- Novice women’s 4+ final. Come in fourth just barely missing third. Tough break ladies. But you did great!!!

De-rigging has been going on as boats came in so from 3:30-4:30 we finish that up.

4:30- On the bus to go home. Sleep, watch some movies.

10:15- Back home in Pittsburgh. Collapse and sleep forever.

So Murphy Cup was…pretty much what I expected. Disappointing I guess. Emotions were running high for a lot of people. I felt SO SO sorry for the guys who missed their race and for one of my friends involved in some of the drama. Also mad worried about my knee. But there were fun parts too and I love spending time with the team.

❤ Sarah






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